Platform: Windows

Information about GTA Romanian Address 3

GTA Romanian Address is a GTA San Andreas modified by Walter Curelea (dFxPhoeniX). The game appeared in 2014 and is the second game in the GTA series of dFxPhoeniX.

Command game modes

In game:

2 - You choose your car

3 - You swich your chlotes

2+6 - You pee

2+4 - Sit Down

2+8 - Drink

2+9 - Throw

2+7 - Smoke

F9 - Sleep

F12 - You wake up

TAB+1 - You call SWEET

TAB+2 - You call CEZAR (NANE)


TAB+4 - You call MADD DOGG

TAB+5 - You call TRUTH

TAB+T - Call an taxi

K - Kiss any girl

TAB+G - Dance gangnam style

TAB+D - Call an dog

In the car:

P - Tune some cars

C - Swich the color

2 - Swich the wheels

O - Open/Close the car

. - Stop the car

L - Kindle/Put out the Lights

Z - Signal to the left

X - Failures

C - Signal to the right

Game trailer

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